At ACME, we are committed to satisfy our customers by fulfilling their present needs, all customized as per demands. The constant upgradation of our technician's competence & of other personnel in delivering right material at right time, ensures that our clients & customers can make more out of the relationship with us.

60V (Vertical / Straight) Model Paper Corrugation Machine

Very famous Indian design - Easy settings & ideal for E/ F flute as slow speed production (App. 10/15 meters per minute) with Manual Lift Paper RollStand.

Size: 32",36", 42",45",52"

The 100% export oriented unit of the company exporting to China, Canada, USA, Middle East, East & West African countries, is headed by dynamic team-directors, executives ever eager to develop innovative new lines in allied machinery for better performance. We make machines that make corrugated boxes, that make you pack everything safely everywhere.

High Speed Fingerless Single Facer Paper Corrugation Machine

An Ideal Highspeed Fingerless Corrugation Single Facer with options of Steam Heating and Electrical Heating System with speed range of 60 mtrs./min. to 200mtrs./min.

Size: 52", 62", 72", 82" & 102"

70-B-OBL Model High Speed Single Face Paper Corrugation Machine

This model is similar to 70-0BL but all rollers are mounted with bearings in place of P.Bronze bushes for running at more speed (app. 30 meters per minute) with more heat. The High capacity electric heaters are provided with Oneadditional Pre heater.

Size: 52", 56", 62", 72" & 82"
Power(H.P.): 5+2, 6+2, 7.5+2, 10+3, 15+3
Electric Heaters(K.W.): 31, 31, 35, 38, 50

90-DP-OBL Double Profile High Speed Single Face Paper Corrugation Machine

High Speed Heavy Duty Paper Corrugation Machine with the option of roller dia. 9", 10" & 12" with Automatic Motorised lifting flute roll set. The total change-over time between one set to the second set of flute rollers with total setting time of maximum 20 min.

The machine is capable to run on electrical heaters/thermic fluid heater or on steam. The machine is designed to run at maximum speed of 30 - 100 mtrs. Imino as per the roller dia selected.

Size: 42" 52" 62" 72" 82" & 96"
Power(H.P.): 7.5, 8.5, 10, 15, 20, 30

Semi Automatic Corrugated Side Flap Gluing Machine

  • Automatic Rising Sheet Table
  • Provision For A TYPE & B TYPE Carton
  • Gluing (Pasting) Unit With S.S. Glue Roller Side Gauges & Pressure rubber Rollers
  • Squaring Arrangement
  • Auto Discharge Of Single Sheet At A Time With Pressure Rolls & Conveyor With Crocodile Belts
  • Speed Controller With Counter
  • Optional Auto Counter Ejector

  • Maximum Sheet Size : 2400MM
  • Minimum Sheet Size : 500MM
  • Power Required : 2H.P.
  • Pile Height : 850MM
  • Speed : 25MTRS./MIN.

Rotary Sheet Cutter

TTO CUT 2 PLY CORRUGATEDSINGLE FACER / PLAIN PAPER INTO REQUIREDLENGTH.The cutting length setting is by PIV gear box to set in running machine. Mechanical Stroke counter is fitted. This machine can be attached to any model Single facer with speed duly synchronized by fixing proper gear drives with universal joint or chain.

Size: 42" 52" 56" 62" 72" & 82"
Power(H.P.): 2, 2, 3, 3, 5, 7.5

Corrugated Paper (2 PLY) Sheet Gluing (Pasting Machine)

  • To make 3 Ply 5 Ply 7 Ply Sheet
  • The Simple Power driven manually feeding
  • 3(Three)Rollers machine for better glue control

Size: 45" 55" 65" 75" 85" & 100"
Power(H.P.): 0.5, 0.5, 0.5, 0.5, 1, 1

3ply/ 5ply /7ply Corrugated Sheet (Board) Pressing Machine

The machine is power operated. This machine is fabricated with M. S.Channel & Angles. Two Screws with worm Reduction gears are fitted for smooth up / down movement. Two Strong springs are fitted for smooth pressing.

Size: 45*65" 65*75" 65*90"
Power(H.P.): 2, 3, 3,