ACME’, as the name suggests, “the Highest Point”. We at ACME, believe in the highest point of Development and perfection. For the last 3 decades we are leaders in manufacturing and exporting of machinery plants used in the making of finished products like

a) Corrugated Boxes
b) Press & Print finishing
c) Exercise Notebooks
d) Grocery Paper Bags

ACME has a state-of-art manufacturing setup

The company’s corporate office is situated in the heart of the commercial capital of India, Mumbai and has its manufacturing bases at several places in India with total area of 10,000 sqm.

The company headed by a dynamic team of Directors and executives, who are ever eager to expand to new markets; develop and innovate new Designs in allied machinery for better performance.

Exports & installation to country like Canada, USA, Middle East, Iran, China and East & West African countries, Brazil, Panama, Argentina etc...

The company has accounts with major foreign banks to facilitate the transfer of Dollars and Euros for our clients. Also by embracing the internet, the company plans to provide various online services to its esteemed clients.

Some of our major products are

1. Automatic Corrugated Board & Box Plant

2. Automatic Hydraulic paper cutting machines, now also offered with Microprocessor Program Control

3. Exercise note book manufacturing plants

4. Automatic Folding and Pasting Machines for Cigarette, Tooth paste, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic Cartons etc. /     Box Board cart one

5. Paper Bags Manufacturing Machines .

We do appreciate you for having visited our website and we would consider it a privilege to meet your requirements. Please do drop in a enquiry through our enquiry page or you can directly email us as and our executives would be prompt in answering to your queries.

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